Aroma Computer Systems founded in 2005 is an emerging company which provides customized end-to-end SIP based VoIP solutions to customers globally. We develop convergence applications for service providers & Telcos to offer white label solutions for their enterprise mobility customers.

Supports multiple operating systems


Aroma Computer Systems provides the most advanced as well as the cost effective solution in terms VoIP services. The applications built by us can be easily accessed on different computer operating systems as well as mobile platforms that incorporate Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, BlackBerry BADA and many more. The mobile and PC dialer applications are integrated with the Relay Server platforms that facilitate unlimited concurrent calls to the user.

The truth behind the facts is tested successfully until 25000 concurrent calls which would have surely ended up at much more astounding output. The dialer services availed by us can be utilized via Wi-Fi and Cellular network as well. Icing the cake; to provide the noise less conversation to the end user, we employs narrowband Codec G729 and echo cancelation algorithm in our technology.

The innovative approach and attitude to bring something ‘out of the box’ for our client forces us to discover a new technology every time and the result is “Web Based Aroma Provisioning Tool”. This tool assists the administrator to remotely customize the properties via a hassle free and interactive back end interface. To stretch the definition of impossible; we had designed this tool to provide plethora of amazing traits to the client that embrace:

  • Detailed visibility on downloads
  • Zoomed details for no. of calls based on targeted country
  • Trouble-free connectivity to the Social Media Platforms
  • Enhanced ARPU of the operator
  • SMS gateway integration through SMPP

So what are you waiting for? Talk to our expert today and reveal the secret to generate the revenue that you haven’t even imagined of.